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 A .25in x .25in x .5in basic block sized system

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PostSubject: A .25in x .25in x .5in basic block sized system   Sat Aug 18, 2007 3:39 am

Hi folks,

I'm working on a .25in x .25in x .5in basic block sized system that uses wall sections as well as individual blocks.

lol! Like everybody, I'm doing it for myself and our own selfish personal gains first (yes we do have grandchildren). But if it is of use to others I don't mind sharing. lol!

Personally I find Hirst stone blocks very limiting and Linka is just that bit too small for ease of use. So I decided to create something that has the best bits for me of all the systems I've looked at.

Chatting with Neil I discovered that I wasn't the only one thinking on similar lines, hence this post.

OK so the question is - From the extensive experience of the members here, what should be included that is missing from other systems, AND what problems should I avoid?

All the best,

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A .25in x .25in x .5in basic block sized system
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