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 Personal Profit vs Benefit of All

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PostSubject: Personal Profit vs Benefit of All   Fri Aug 17, 2007 5:10 am

Personal Profit vs Benefit of All

We've been saddened in the past few weeks by the vociferous attacks on this Association and it's members.

I've personally been subjected to ridicule due to my nationality and also abused for being a disabled person. I am sure that cultural differences make up a great part of the problem. A polite request to remove the racist post was refused. It is out of respect for the moderator that I have put this down to his ignorance and not 'named and shamed', but wiil not post there while the racism remains.

I've even been publicly banned from a forum which I had already left - my post on leaving, due to posts being altered and removed by the moderator(s), was removed and the reason given was my answer to an 'official warning' - I called a moderator a 'dumb butthead' for not realising I'd already left. Children will play their little games

In the UK we are not regarded as losers, feckless or lazy if we are unable to perform a task that others see as easy. The fact that the only UK poster who has expressed this view states (on Ebay) that he is a Primary School Teacher is worrying in the extreme, as is his penchant for racist posts.

A question has been raised about our lack of a descrimination clause in our constitution. The reason for this is quite simple - We do not need one as descrimination due to sex, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability is Illegal here.

A demand was made that the complete website be changed to benefit one user who was suffering from 'eye strain'. This dishonest demand was later explained as 'having worrms' in his browser, this is a bit odd for someone who purports to be a computer 'expert'. The fact was pointed out that our own Chairman was Registered Blind, this was met with further abuse, and claims that I hated the complainant; discussions ceased.

It is apparent that the main reason for this is that we are treading on the toes of some individual's personal gains.

Here the surplus of funds (if any) gained by the supply of casts or moulds remains with the Association and (when we get a surplus) will fund future moulds and the activities of the Association. At present this Association exists due to the generosity of some members who have made donations from which we all benefit.

In another place the PROFIT from the SALE of casts AND MOULDS goes to the individual 'Hub'. I doubt whether any of our members would believe that a charge of $4.25 PLUS Shipping for a single cast of a very small mould was only to cover the plaster used. I do hope there isn't yet another 'hacking' that deletes these and other inconvenient facts.

I hope that this clarifies the present situation for members. We will be getting on with the work of this Association which has continued despite very many attempts to divert us from our aims.

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Personal Profit vs Benefit of All
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